Courage Muscle Training

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Say It: "Fear Equals Opportunity"

The Courage Muscle Training is a simple and effective training designed to optimize and motivate you into getting what you really want.

Who’s this training for?

You want something more from life, but you feel like you keep getting in your own way. You've gotten hit with a heavy dose that "life is short" and it's time to take action. You're looking to make things easier and live with greater clarity, increased energy, and the courage to act.

The Courage Muscle Training guides you in practically finding your inner power, learning a process that will keep you out of your own way, and a weekly plan to take simple, powerful, and consistent actions towards defining and hitting your targets.

(Love recording outside. Didn't plan for the train. Just went with it.)

Why does this training exist?

The Courage Muscle system helped me conquer my stutter.

In my 20s, I realized I wanted to be true to myself more than I wanted to stay "safe." I learned to let go of my stutter and put consistent energy into leaning into my fears. Eventually, I transcended my stutter. I also realized that everyone has their “stutter.” The thing about ourselves that keeps us from living our most true authentic selves. Most stutterers just can’t hide it.

Every human has a default innate force pushing us to stay “safe” by running away from fear. To achieve what we want in this life, we must learn to lean into our fears and not to run away. Leaning in, in a systematic and measured way, changed everything for me. You can use the same system to lean in and change your life, also.

Courage Muscle System - How it works

There are two distinct phases:

In Step 1, you train your Courage Muscle to take action across three areas of focus. The aim for Step 1 is for you to immediately activate living with more courage, greater energy and gain clarity to move anything standing in your way - the necessary requirement to tackle Step 2.

In Step 2, you create your measurable action plan and system, by defining your target, mapping your focus, and taking the required actions needed to achieve your target.

What's included?

Two ways to work and grow: independently and with others

  • The core content is delivered in a self-guided Notion template (see visual below)

  • Celebrate and grow with others in monthly Courage Muscle Jams - gather to share wins, progress and ask questions about anything Courage Muscle-related

You will benefit from this training if you

  • Are ready to harness the fears that keep you from evolving

  • Are hungry for more than the life you’re currently living

  • Are looking to become stronger

  • Want to live a life of intention and purpose

  • Have had enough of being stifled from your self-imposed ceiling

  • Suffer from imposter syndrome

  • Feel overwhelmed by the life-weight on your shoulders

  • Are tired of pretending for the sake of survival

Refund policy

Full refund if you're not 100% satisfied within 14 days of purchase

Any other questions?

You can DM me on Twitter @dagreen77 or

P.S. If you're someone who can't afford this for any reason, please reach out and we'll work something out

(below is a visual of the Courage Muscle Training HQ)

This product is not currently for sale.

Self-guided Courage Muscle Training in Notion, access to monthly "Courage Muscle Jams" and upcoming workshops

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Courage Muscle Training

2 ratings