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⚡️🚜 - Energy Farming Guide

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Humans - Take the Power Back.
Become an Energy Farmer.
Control the energy that powers your life.

Becoming an Energy Farmer ⚡️🚜  and choose the energy with which you engage life

You’ll learn

  • Why do some people thrive and others barely survive even though all humans have the same innate creature power of Self-Awareness
  • The importance of your life-force energy and how to measure it with something called “state”
  • How the state you’re in influences your mind’s stories and ultimately your actions
  • How to immediately identify the state you’re in and quickly shift out of it - should you want
  • What your life looks like living energized by farming your strong state energy

You’ll Create:

  • An Energy Farming⚡️🚜  plan, which lines up your easy-to-win weekly actions, that when done, powers you to engage life with strong state energy.
  • The Energy Farming⚡️🚜  weekly tracker acts as 1. your guide, and also as 2. your weekly review grounded in your data, so you know what to celebrate and where to shift.

You’ll Use

  • As with all farming, it’s all about consistency.
  • After one week of Energy Farming⚡️🚜  you will see and feel how your life is just different.

ThirtyTenZero guides humans to define and hit their Target → Focus → Actions.

The tools used to achieve ThirtyTenZero success are:

⚡️🚜 Energy Farming | 🧠 StoryWatch | 💪CourageMuscle

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⚡️🚜 - Energy Farming Guide

0 ratings
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